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In what “tribe” do we wish to belong? This is an existential question that all human beings ask themselves, at least subconsciously.

We identify with our tribe. For some, call them patriots, the tribe is the nation. For others, the tribe is their religious group, or union, or political party or corporate board room, or fire house, or police station, or social group, or public interest organization.

People often view themselves as members of more than one tribe. An example is being both patriotic and religious--the civic tribe is the nation, and the religious tribe the church, synagogue or mosque.

Here in metropolitan New York, we have many tribes and, unfortunately, conflicts are arising between ultra-religious groups and the larger society. Land use is one area of conflict, as is segregation and secular knowledge illiteracy.

It is the goal of the Serve Rockland Civic Association (SRCA) to identify and discuss the sources of conflict, and then seek to reduce or eliminate conflicts in a lawful and constitutionally principled manner.

Toward this goal, constructive input is sought from conservatives and liberals, Jews and Gentiles, Democrats and Republicans, and everyone else. Dialogue is the best means of resolving conflict in civil society.

Our nation was formed to protect “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” No person has “liberty” if they cannot exercise free will, and no person is truly free if they do not have a sound education, because a sound education is necessary for understanding human nature and the world. The Founding Fathers understood this. We should too.

The “Purpose and Goals” discussion below discusses the organizer’s belief that the most serious threat to democracy in this region is the threat of Hasidic sects’ religious extremism.  The Hasidim, it appears, will endeavor to create governmental theocracy on the West Bank of the Hudson River, including in North Rockland. 
Because of its large geographical size and small population, the Town of Stony Point is an ideal target for an ultraorthodox takeover.

History teaches that an organized minority will always prevail over a disorganized majority.[1]  The SRCA will allow the majority the means of organizing and mobilizing, to protect our County's future and our core democratic values under the Rule of Law. 

[1] “[A]n organized minority, which acts in a coordinated manner, always triumphs over a disorganized majority, which has neither will, nor impulse, nor action in common.” See, Richard Bellamy, Modern Italian Social Theory (1987), p. 37, n.9, quoting Gaetano Mosca’s Teorica.

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